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Thanks to Technological advancement, today we are in the world that is connected very well facilitating Carnatic music students dwelling in any part of the Globe gets trained Via Online Class room sessions. Sangeetha works alongside a group of well versed music teachers in training all ardent Carnatic music students overseas.

Besides online teaching and classroom sessions in Carnatic music, Sangeetha spends her rest of the time in rigorously preparing music related documents and reference materials to support her international students.

Sangeetha’s international exposure, impressive communication skills and meticulous ground work helps her to be the most sought online music trainer/teacher at the global level. Her goal is to propagate Carnatic music world wide and Bhakthi bhavam to all those who look out for a Carnatic musical journey.

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Shree Krishna Geetham Academy for this reason, welcomes students of all ages, whichever location he/she may belong to and whatever level they are in as far as Carnatic Vocal music is concerned.

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Mobile phone number: +91 8220 613 131

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Upon enquiry, Our experts will talk to you online. If you wish to talk to Sangeetha straight away, use the Chat window or skype id or mobile phone.