About Sangeetha

Sangeetha Seetharaman

  • Shri Appanna Bhagavathar is Sangeetha’s Guru for Carnatic Music

  • Appanna Bhagavathar was a strong Vocalist cum Violinist who spent his entire life to propagate the kritis of both Thyagaraja and Purandaradasar.

  • Sangeetha was also trained by Smt. Bhavani Santhanam who was a shishya of Late Dr. Balamurali Krishna

Very well known for her proficiency in Alapana, Kalpana swarams, Neraval etc


  • is to dedicate my full time in enriching Carnatic music knowledge with my students

  • Spread Bhakthi Bhavam through Carnatic music

  • Passion towards teaching children

  • Recognise talents and exhibit them through my website, Facebook page and through conducting various events and anniversaries so that students’ talents reach everybody.

  • Make students understand the core value of Indian Classical Music

  • My emphasis will be on rigorous training and Bhakthi


  • Shree Krishna Geetham Academy tries its level best to reach out to the Carnatic Music aspirants world wide

  • Online Skype Classes are our priority and that’s how the academy gets connected overseas talents too.

  • Shree Krishna Geetham Academy conducts training for home makers too based on their comfortable timings. Knowing that many of them(home makers) would have discontinued Carnatic classes for various domestic reasons, we want to bring them back to the music world.

For Classroom sessions:

Contact Address: 6c, 42nd street, 6th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai – 600083

Contact mobile phone number: +91 8220 613 131

For Students outside Chennai & Overseas:

Email id: shreekrishnageetham@gmail.com

Chat Window: (bottom of the screen)

Phone: +91 8220 613 131

Skype id: sangeetha seetharaman

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I Structure my classes differently to suit the students based on their exposure and levels. With the support of technology, I would like to target a broad audience spread across the world, but need not necessarily have prior exposure to Carnatic music. My audience would be Carnatic music lovers and that is the criterion I look for and I will take my best efforts to reach up to my music community wherever they may be. It’s all about passion.